"As a former World Tour coach and national coach (European champion, Grand Slam winner, World Championship semi-finalist), I am passionately pursuing the goal of passing on my knowledge from the top of the world as transparently as possible to popular sports. Our playbook should help you to better formulate your training goals and to make your training success measurable. Start your personal training diary now to optimize your development as a beach volleyball player.

What do you find in the playboook?

This first edition of our playbook is mainly about detailed descriptions of a sensible execution of movements in different techniques. Since most mistakes happen before you make contact with the ball, this book will give you valuable tips on the way to making contact with the ball. Among other things, you will learn why your reception too often does not reach the target and why you regularly underrun the ball in the attack. The second focus is on a sensible sideout structure. The conscious handling of trajectories, running paths and viewing directions as well as a little sense of rhythm will increase your chances of regularly hitting the perfect jumping-off point.

On the last pages you can start your own personal training diary.

Who is the Playbook suitable for?

The Playbook is suitable for athletes and coaches at any level.

more information about the Playbook:

  1. Dimensions: 13 cm x 13 cm
  2. Softcover, 20 pages
  3. incl. training diary
  4. all references are mainly bullet point

We hope you enjoy our playbook and look forward to your development as a player or coach.

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