Most errors occur not at the ball contact, but on the way there.

The focus is mainly on movement, rhythm and observation in the training process. The coaches pay attention to specific details to significantly increase the success rate of ball contact. In addition to group instructions, we provide intensive individual feedback. Experience shows that corrections cannot always be given in a blanket manner.  

We attach great importance to ensuring that each athlete attends the right course suitable for their current performance level. That's why we regularly review our courses and always find a good solution for all parties if an athlete's performance level does not match the advertised course level.

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Our categories


No prior knowledge is necessary for this course.


In pairs, the back-and-forth play in the digging and partly also in the serving works quite well. You can get a serve from below safely over the net into the opponent's field. In this course, the focus is on receiving and passing. In addition, typical running routes and scenarios are trained.


You are already quite confident in the basic techniques? In this course you will work intensively on the structure of the game, you will also complete your first attacks.


Do you know the running routes and the structure of the game in theory and do they already work in practice? Then it's time to work on your run-up timing and the perfect jumping-off point. The exercises in this course will be a bit more complex.


Do you want to participate in tournaments in the future or do you already play regularly in fun tournaments? This course is about minimizing your own error rate through a clean execution of movements and a good game structure.


This course is for athletes who regularly participate in tournaments. We will broaden your horizon for sideout variations and tactics in block/defense and serve.

The following options are available to train with us!

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A course is already running and is not fully booked? In this case you can book individual appointments.


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Frequently asked questions

Our training takes place with a maximum of 8 athletes per court.

Of course. Most of our athletes sign up for our training as individuals.

There are WhatsApp groups for all our courses. You can try to find a replacement there. If you find a replacement, you will get the course fee refunded by this person.

There is no compensation from us and the training cannot be made up.

As a general rule, a booking cannot be cancelled. You can sell your training place privately. You are welcome to use our WhatsApp groups or we will help you by offering your place for sale again. Only if your training place is sold again you will get a refund from us.

The training will take place in all weather conditions and cannot be made up.

In diesem Fall erhältst du für das ausgefallene Training einen Gutschein über 10,00€ von uns. Außerdem kann die Trainingsgruppe den von uns bezahlten Court während der offiziellen Trainingszeit benutzen.

In this case you send your cell phone number and the course you are interested in to You will then be added to the corresponding WhatsApp group and hopefully you will be able to join us at the next date.

Yes, you can! Send an email to with the information which course/event you would like to book. Also, this mail must contain your billing address.